Inside Saturn

Saturn is a cashless venue. We take all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
Leave your cash at home! We make it easy for you to pay with your credit card or phone.
What is your bag policy?
We allow small bags and purses, but do not allow any backpacks or suitcases. All bags might be subject to search at security’s discretion, if they feel it necessary.
Where is Saturn Located?
Saturn is at 200 41st Street South between 2nd and 3rd Avenue South. We are located directly across the street from the Avondale Brewery and 41st Street Pub.
Where do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available at the box office on evenings in which we’re hosting events. Tickets are always available on our website.
Are ticket sales refundable?
No refunds. All sales are final.
How old do I need to be to get in?
All shows are 18 and up unless otherwise specified. Nobody under 18 may be permitted even with a parent or guardian.
How do I give a ticket to another person?
You have two options when giving a ticket to another person. 1) Initiate a transfer through your See Tickets account. See here for instructions. If you need assistance, please call (855-235-2867) 2) Bring a photocopy of the original purchaser’s driver’s license and credit/debit card to the venue on the night of the show.
Can I sell my tickets for more than I paid for them?
No, absolutely not. Out of respect for both patrons and bands, we highly discourage any form of scalping.
The show is sold out, what can I do?
Find a friend with an extra ticket. See Tickets is the only authorized seller of the Saturn. Remember, we do not appreciate scalping.
Do you have seats?
Our Satellite bar should have seating available. The floor plan of the Saturn changes on a per show basis.
I am in a wheelchair but would love to come to a concert. Will I be able to?
Absolutely. Our business is ADA compliant and on the ground floor with spacious bathrooms and ramped access to the venue. E-mail info@saturnbirmingham.com with questions or requests.
Is photography permitted?
Small point-and-shoot cameras are permitted, but we please ask that you turn off the flash out of respect for the artists. Professional SLR cameras will require permission from each individual artist’s management.
Can I smoke inside?
Birmingham city ordinance section 11-9-10 (k) prohibits smoking of any kind inside of all businesses.
When can I enter the venue and when will the music start?
Check each individual event for door and show time information. We are unable to tell you specific times for each bands.
I need to stay the night, what do you suggest?
Priceline is great! Several hotels are located just over a mile away from our venue in downtown Birmingham. You can always check Airbnb for other options.
Are food and beverages allowed inside?
In order to encourage the growth of our community and foot traffic along our street, we will allow customers to bring food into the Satellite coffee shop.
Where can I park?
While there is street parking available in the neighborhood, we encourage you to make use of the neighborhood’s parking lot one block away. It is located at 4133 41st Street South between 1st Alley South and 1st Avenue South.